The Third IUFRO Latin American Congress under the theme of “Forests, Competitiveness and Sustainable Landscapes” held in San José, Costa Rica, from 12-15 June 2013, was an extraordinary experience as it brought together a unique range of actors from the natural resources sector of Latin America and provided an ideal platform for intensive discussion and exchange of experiences.

The numbers speak for themselves:

  • Almost 600 participants
  • Four keynote addresses
  • Approx. 300 scientific papers presented in 53 technical sessions
  • Some 182 posters

During the closing session of the Congress, Ronnie de Camino, Director of the Latin American Chair of Forests Landscapes Management, CATIE, presented key messages and guidance on action to be taken in order to strengthen the dialogue on forests in Latin America at all levels and across all disciplines and enhance science cooperation and communication of science-based information.

Photo: Ronnie de Camino / CATIE

Photo: Ronnie de Camino / CATIE

In his statement, he also noted that this congress was a milestone for IUFRO regarding the participation of Latin American scientists in the world’s forest science network.

The Congress Resolutions in Spanish language can be found at: http://web.catie.ac.cr/iufrolat/IufroLat_resumenes_ponencias.htm

An edited advance English version shall be available soon!


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